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Corporations Act 2001 Assignment Sample

Corporations Act 2001 Assignment Sample Introduction There are many kind of business entity which has been established in Australia, dealing with business activities. It is a very well known fact that there are many business organization in Australia whose main purpose is to carry out business...ReadMore

Business and Corporation Law Assignment Sample

Duty to avoid improper position:- section 182 of the act provide that no individual that is the officer, the director or any other kind of person from the board shall have the power to take wrong use of its position that is no person is allowed to use its position in order to gain advantage from...ReadMore

Tax Law Assignment Sample

Tax Law - Residency Determination and Income from Sale of Property Assignment Sample Introduction Tax is a compulsory contribution for the  state revenue, a fee charged by the government on product, income or other activity. The tax imposed on personal or corporate...ReadMore

Constitutional Law Assignment Sample

Any act or any provision at any stage can be declared as unconstitutional by the legislature or any government official if they have violated provision of constitution that is why constitution works as the guideline to the enactment of an act. So when ever a act has been passed by the government of...ReadMore

Case Laws in International Foreign Direct Investment Laws as Part of Bilateral Treaty or Bilateral Assignment Sample

Regular Interaction and high level of contact between senior officials and ministers of both the Australian and French government maximizes co-operation and understanding among countries to a large extent. Due to the presence of FTAs, France became a valuable and most important partner nation of...ReadMore

Air Law and Regulations Assignment Sample

INTRODUCTION To execute and regulate the air traffic effectively there is need to have proper rules and laws which will be helpful to the legislative authorities in nations. In the present report there will be discussion based on Chicago Convention which was the new reform in developing the...ReadMore

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