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Reflection Assignment Sample
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Reflection Assignment Sample


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I strongly stand for the topic -  The use of Zero Hour Contract have negative consequences for both employees and employers which I have presented well in my debate report in different sections. With the perspective that it was the best debate that I have experienced as hearing both sides of the argument has given me a deep insight on how implementing the zero-hours can affect the business and the employee as well as how it is beneficial for both the employer and the employee. The other side of the team presented their argument in the best possible way which sometimes convinced me to believe the argument against the topic. It was a fair debate where both the teams agreed that implementing a zero-hour contract can prove to be disadvantageous for both employee and employer. Also while planning and working as a team on this debate, I have acquired few transferable skills that will help me grow in my professional as well as in my personal life. Few of those skills include communication skills, ICT skills, and problem-solving skills. Through debate one of the important skills that are acquired is teamwork skills as debates are performed in groups or teams. These all skills are discussed in precise in the below paragraphs.

Communication Skills

While planning and working and further completing this debate, the most useful skills that I have acquired are communication skills. Communication skills include listening skills, speaking skills, and presenting the argument in such a way that it convinces the audience and the opposite teams. My involvement in public speaking such as debates has reduced my hesitation to convey my message and my fear of standing in the public. This has been possible with the acquisition of communication skills through debates. Besides, making me confident in standing and expressing my views in public on a given topic, I have acquired listening skills. The listening skills have helped me in analyzing the point the other team is raising and challenging the ideas of other teams. Through this debate, my speaking skills have helped me in boosting my confidence and presenting myself in public in the most effective way. It also has increased my capability of critical and logical thinking. Furthermore, it has helped me in enhancing my interest in current affairs along with my writing skills which have helped me in taking the relevant points about the topic and presenting them in such a way that it grabs the attention of the audience. The debate report attached along with this reflection is evidence of my writing skills which I have poses during planning and executing the argument for the motion.

ICT Skills

In the planning phase of this debate, there are few ICT skills that I have developed by learning how to use Microsoft Office Word document as the initial phase of the debate involves writing the argument in a word document in a structured manner so that it can be presented to the audience. With the use of Microsoft word, I can express my thoughts in writing on the given topic - The use of Zero Hour Contract have negative consequences for both employees and employers so that I can grasp the point written and present it while speaking in public. This well-structured written piece has helped me in increasing my level of confidence as I do not have to think or mumble before speaking. another very important skill that I have possessed while preparing for the debate is the skill of research through online channels like Wikipedia for gathering information and for making my argument free from grammatical errors so that it can be presented effectively in front of audiences.  Also, I have come across different search engines such as Google Scholar which has helped my in-depth research of the given topic. All these technical skills will be beneficial for my future career as through these skills I will be able to deliver the business goals effectively and efficiently.

Problem-Solving Skills

Developing the content for a debate and executing them has enhanced my analytical and problem-solving skills. With the given topic, I was able to identify the problem as to how the use of zero-hour contract has adverse consequences on the employee as well as employer and then analyze the problem by taking into consideration different scenarios or case studies where the concept of zero-hour contract has implemented and has proved to be adverse for the business and the workforce. After, identifying and analyzing the issue I was in the position to describe them logically so that the audience can grasp my intention of presenting my argument in favor of the given topic.

Team Work Skills

Teamwork enables to execution of a complex task in the easiest and best possible manner. With participation in the debate, I was able to get the opportunity to work together with different people having different skills. This debate also provided me an opportunity to interact and work cooperatively with team members. The main advantage of working as a team is learning how to cooperate as when there is a cooperation between the teams, you are not only cooperating to win the situation but also you are learning and hence I have learned how to learn and win the situation subsequently. It also enforces a positive experience as when there is cooperation within the team, every member is developing cooperative skills which can help in improving the group relationships. While working as a team, I have possessed all these skills and advantages which can help me in moving in being a strong team player as well as it has developed my social skills as there is much social interaction while executing the debate.

Overall, with the involvement in a debate, I have acquired all the skills mentioned above which can help me in accelerating my personal and professional growth.

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