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Psychology Assignment Sample
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Psychology Assignment Sample

Conclude your Psychological Contribution to Society in the area of Work, Education, Health and Leisure

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 I have the understanding of diversity and the implication of the unique perspectives of theories that allow me to indulge in the conceptual framework of human motivation and behaviour. I believe that psychology is an ever evolving discipline that often lacks unification which means that one theory cannot explain all the questions within the field (Koppes, 2014). Due to the evolving nature and lack of standardisation, I understood the actual role of psychology. According to me, Psychology is a broad discipline that consists a large sub-discipline theories. I have acquired knowledge regarding the major concepts of psychology which is indulged in the actual diversity of the discipline. According to me, psychological concepts are important to consider so that I can comprehend the belief and attitude of people as per the situations. While considering psychological attributes, I believe that it is vital to comprehend the sub-discipline of motivational psychology to understand human behaviour and behavioural theories.

While working in the area of psychology, I considered that people consider various aspects while dealing with others and that changes their way of comprehending things. I used to work in health care sector and there I came to know due to psychological beliefs, there are numerous people that do not communicate properly with socially backwards people (Brown, 2016). This not only creates differences among people; but also changes the way of considering social and cultural values. Individual's values and beliefs should be considered in all domains so that proper attention can be given. Further, psychological concepts are also important in the area of tourism and leisure such as- luxury services are provided to only those people who have the capability to show it. For instance- a customer who comes in a big car with luxury lifestyle gets a prominent greeting in a hotel. This happens as people know that the person is capable of paying for the luxury services; hence this can also be considered as the impact of psychological beliefs (Sabolová and Pabišta, 2017). 


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