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This report is based on the Pinnacle Software Inc. which is providing IT solutions to their client companies. They are having communication problem in to the different team working in the different geographical zones, this report is having alternative solutions on the problem and recommendation on the solution.

Alternative Solutions

As the company is facing a communication problems so they have to make appropriate solutions on it some of the alternative solutions are here which can also be used by the company;

E- mail: It is a cost effective solution which can help to the company to makes an effective and clear communication but it has a need of the computer systems and internet connection (Yang and Ulukus, 2012). As the company is working in the IT solutions so they have to use it to make a perfect and clear communication in between the teams. It is cost effective method and faster way to communicate so it can be used by the company.

Internal communication system: They have to make an internal software which can help to the company to make an effective communication in between the teams. They have to make a software by which they can send files to each other and as well as on which they can make a group meeting. It can help to the company to make an effective communication. It have to be based on the IT expertise to attain their objectives. It is having a limitation that it has a need of the expertise to run it and as well as they are using it first time so it can create problems for them on the initial level (Biocca and Levy, 2013). Assumptions it can help to the company to send files with the views and chats which can help to the company to make a better communication in between the teams. It has a initial investment to make it after it has a normal cost of use.

Phones: Pinnacle Software Inc. can use phones to make a clear vocal communication but it is a traditional tool of the communication so it has to be use by the company to make a personal communication in urgency of the company so they have to make a proper use of it in the urgency (Cho and Yoon, 2010). It is based on the basic technology which has a limitations of that they can not share files on it. But it help to the company members to make an effective communication.


Pinnacle Software Inc. has to use internal software which is having a potential of the file sharing and as well as it can help to the company to share their files and data related to their projects. So they have to use internal communication systems which can help to the company to make an effective communication.


The above concluded report is having solutions for the Pinnacle Software Inc. they are having communication problem and they have to use an internal communication channel which is safe and authentic for them.

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