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Information Systems and Digital Transformation Assignment Sample

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Information Systems and Digital Transformation Assignment Sample

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Blog-1: Class activity

The “Digital portfolio” can collect all data based from computers in the student levels for improvement of the students in the case of over timings. The digital portfolio is very accessible at the learning periods to the students, teachers, parents etc. The higher level in the administrative department, the all the staff are very supportive for motivating in the case of learning periods (Rapp, A et al., 2019).

From the class activity -1, the main focus was the information technology. This type of technology can reserve, recover or repossess, transfer, communicate and operate the datas. Unlike personal or entertainment technology, information technology is commonly used in the context of business activities. Information technology and is thought about the subdivision of information technology.

Figure 1: Information technology



From the above figure (figure 1), this is the primary feature of information technology.

Features of the information technology:

1.     The technology is improved by simply designing educational systems, which can easily be understood and spread on a large scale. In the remote areas, adults are not habituated in the up gradation of technology. But they use it for their children for the purpose of education, health and social securities.

2.     Extensive expansion of e-governance.

3.     Make terms and conditions for avoiding illegal activities and participation of all programmers.

4.     Enhance the financial growth.

5.     Improvement of the remote areas.

6.     Police catch the criminals through the use of technology.

7.     Common people use it high

8.     Extremely beneficial to ordinary people, as they can access their rights and take legal action against anyone who violates their rights.

9.     It enhances the happiness and prosperity of the society as a whole, not just one person.

The disadvantage of the information technology:

Information technology has lots of benefits in the community levels, but it has also a negative attitude in the digital platform (Majuri, J et al., 2018). These disadvantages are:

1.     In the above discussion, police catch the criminals through the use of technology, but with the help of this technology, criminals make a plan for implementing a crime. 

2.     Most of the public basikal the children, young and young adults are misutilized this technology and it is misguided.

3.     Lots of misutilized can occur by it, like loss of memory, patience less etc. 

4.     Some distorted and perverted minds use technology to insult or defame someone unethically and illegally.

From class activity 2, we know about computer literacy.  It has the ability for using electronic devices like computers, laptops etc, and it is interlinked with the proper planning with technology. It can cover the basic knowledge of the program, and it can solve through the programmes. Bursitis this, computer programming and the basic works of the computers require some technical knowledge which is provided by the skill of computer literacy. By the knowledge of computer literacy, anyone can gather the knowledge about proper information, and share his/her knowledge through the internet. Beside this, through this skill, it is helpful for the small entrepreneurs, who are just starting their business. Without this skill, none can proceed the further steps like system thinking, gamification etc (Buchem, I et al., 2020).

Blog-2 : System thinking

“System thinking” is the process for improving the services in a large scale perspective which is to seek the whole construction, decoration, service circle, particular fact in the services.  “System thinking” has a significant role in the different things of different people. The system thinking regulation is including the instruments and procedure, in the philosophical view. Many newcomers are enticed to instruments like diagrams in a causal loop and conducting the “flight simulators” in the hope that these tools will help them tackle the problems of uninterrupted business. But the thought of the system alive in it is sensitive to the cyclical nature of the world, aware about its structure and terms and conditions which is facing in the society and community levels. For this, laws are established which are very powerful in nature for recognizing \about the system thinking (Kaarlehto, K., 2020.). It is also an instrument for the diagnosis system.  In the case of medical purposes, most of the treatment includes the system thinking, which is following via treatment. The intervention of System thinking has different categories (Rutledge, C et al., 2018. These are:

1.     The reflection of system thinking has a significant role in the society.

2.     It is working in the chronic level problem, which creates for a long time

3.     Most of the issues are similar.

4.     Most of the issues have a case history

5.     Without “System thinking”, all problems are unsuccessful.

According to the  Abdullah, et al., 2021, the aim of the System thinking is the reflection of one incident to another incident. It is thought about the instrumental structures for the parameters identification which can develop the minimum outcomes which is achieved in a particular subject “ with the minimisation or elimination of possible barriers”.

According to Wilson et al., 2020, System thinking has the significance features for the demonstration of the connection as circular based. This type of relationship is made with the chain of circumstances. The concept behind cause and effect is an example of an “information-action-result”. Consequences can be attempted through the action which is information based. The actions and all the information are generated for updating the information through these consequences and it is turned to the uninterrupted procedures. System thinking saw problem situations in relation to each part of the system.

According to Bahmani and Zhang, 2021, in recent decagons, how digital technology companies operate and compete has fundamentally changed. The outcomes of the  companies simply do not have to constantly develop and apply new digital capacity and the supplication on it and vice versa. The stacks of the existing techniques periodically modify the platform of digitalization; modify the infrastructure through the basic advancement of technology changes.

According to Wesse, et al., 2021, the transformation of digitalization is offered by the multiple chances in the information of the institutions, the scholars through the information systems. Practitioners struggle to understand what digital transformation really is, especially how it differs from information-technology-enabled cultural organizational transformation. There are two differences. These are:

1.     Different activities through leveraging digital techniques.

2.     The transformations of digitalizations are involved through the identification of the institutional levels.

Blog-3 : Gamification

The meaning of Gamification is converting the daily basis jobs, and it is a very adventurous job. It helps for gaming purposes (Eroshkin, S. et al., 2017). It is motivates to improve the techniques in the competition markets and create circumstances for the work area. It holds fast the level of fabrication, invention in the practical life. Gamification always tries to encourage others to use it (Riedl, R et al., 2017). There is no change in the case of work but it is relatable to the practical life. In everyday endeavors, running the mill becomes a chance to show up in public for betterment of the working environment and encourage through receiving several awards which creates a story between the co-workers. The task which is monotonous in professional life, gamification can transfer it into fun by the use of technology. Beside this, it can transfer a challenged work form the lonely work, the recognition of the public from the success of individuals. Main aim of the gamification is to encourage the public to succeed in their professional life (Hwang, Y et al., 2018).

According to Rapp et al., 2018, A technology that can form better techniques which helps in the practical life in “Human Computer Interaction (HCI)” in the professional attitude, is called the “Gamification”. Different services, techniques, systems, institutions, working activity has the same experiences, and same encouraging levels, knowledge, capability, playing styles etc.  In the case of gamification mainly focused on the interactions in the short term scale for evolution of individuals systems. All results are estimated accurately, none can ignore it. The relationship of public communications are participated, The effects of deleteriousness are the external rewards in the internal encouraging levels. In addition, very little experimental work has yet to scrutinize the individual differences on the effects of relevant factors and the gamification effectiveness.

According to Huotari & Hamari, 2017, the services and systems of gamification are planning and designing day by day for better services. For this, the techniques and the methods of gamifications changes day by day, but the changing capability is slow with respect to others.  In real life, the application of gamification is set and a limited level of different elementary games is continued for employment levels like the leaderboards, badges and points. For this, investigators are investigating the implementing area in real life. In the sense of criticism, gamification can dispute its level for over credulous in nature, simply in designs. It has a tendency to rely for motivating and encouraging externally to the students at their learning periods. But students most of the time cannot identify its analytical structure.

According to Majuria, et al., 2018, the gamification uses in the education purposes because after using it, the progress and its achievement due to the learning periods is very effortless.  The results examined in the study mainly centre on the performance metrics in quantitative study. Gamification can reflect on the demographic category and personality changing on individual levels for motivating to do their working circumstances and make a planning for further improvement.

Blog-4: Information Management

Information management is the important domain which brings out different concerned subjects. The subjects can manage the information, gather the knowledge, reserve the database, and represent the data to transfer to the information. It can apply for the people at the right time and it is guided by the management systems (Nili, A., et al., 2020). All the information exists through the institutional and social concepts. In Spite of the management of information and transformation of digital datas, the information exists in the centre point. These may be the public information, information on the stakeholders, progress, power in the digital platform, responsiveness etc (Robinson, and Lee, 2021) . The optimization level, collaboration, experiences, innovations, communications, interactions, different levels of information, and collecting  the data are the achievement points for proper management of all information. Besides this, memberships, leading capability, progress, institutions, different factors of human information is also essential in this field (Macarthy, A., 2021).


Figure 2: Key information for management systems in Digital transformation


Information is not the main focus for proper management systems. Besides the gathered information, Different questions arise which are mentioned in the above picture. After touching on this all point, management levels should be achieved (Wibowo, A., et al., 2021).

According to Eroshkin et al., 2017, the main theory of the management systems of information is an important domain which can manage through the self level without any other help and which have economical structure. For this, Information technology has no specific definition because its domain rage is wide in nature. Day by day, the growth rate of information technology is increasing and its important level is very high in the society and its technologies are very high from the last twenty first century. Information management has reflected on the past, present and future in the financial overview.

According to Stelzer et al., 2017, the digital technologies can be preceded through the process of digitization. It mainly focused on changing information and maintained it on a regular basis through the technology. In the field of business, community, teaching learning periods, office purpose, knowledge improving and all types of domains are helpful by digital transformation.

According to Krcmar et al., 2015, institutions can manage it through technology, it can reach the organizational goal by completing all tasks. Nowaday, investigating fields, business strategies, different engineering departments, and research purposes are also useful and it is also improved from the late of the year of 1980. For this, academic structure also developed in the form of journals, online articles, textbooks, seminar, conference, books, meeting with the institutional administrative departments, researchers, international meeting, online meeting etc.

According to Robinson, and Lee, 2021, information management focuses on the four parameters for developing this technology. These are 1) people, 2) gathering the data and recording it properly in the database, 3) Technologies and techniques and 4) Policies and processes for avoiding illegal working. Each of the parameters are working together. For this, data efficiency, truthfulness, accuracy are checked repeatedly. So, all data are validated and legalized in the digital portfolio for the transformation system.

Blog-5: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the marketing strategy which communicates with the clients and trading materials. Its main target is to enhance the selling strategy and distribute to the all market, and establish a competition within the other company (Mason, A et al., 2021).  For increasing the social media marketing, first some content materials should be made about the trading details, gather the knowledge about this markets, sources, demand etc., motivate the clients and participate to follow this part, and get positive and negative feedback from the clients (Khan, 2021). Then the outcomes should be analyzed and spread more numbers of advertisements about this trading. In daily life, the platforms of social media marketing are: Flipkart, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,, snapchat, whatsapp, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Basically social media marketing is established as a business strategy on a large scale, and a lot of new startups or small sellers and resellers are also empowered through using this platform (BABU, 2021).

According to the Wibowo et al., 2021, In a market, the strategies of social media have reflected a significant role for all levels of sellers and buyers, especially small businessmen, and resellers. Through this social media, entrepreneurs can communicate with the customers directly and maintain a good connection with the clients through “Social Networking Sites (SNS)”.

According to the Narcum, et al., 2019, The entrepreneurs try to make more content for advice and try to have a good communication level with the customer for sustaining their business strategies through the utilization of Social networking Sites as well as their behavior is also changing for improvement the business strategies. In Spite of “Social Media Marketing Activity (SMMA) and Customer Experience” a good relationship is established depending on the quality of trading materials. Beyond this, customer’s behaviour can impact on the intention of purchase, loyalty and next level participation.

According to Sania Khan, 2021, In the market economy, all of the parameters are affected through social media marketing. It may be used through internet technologies. The spread of modern technology has become a constant driver for business strategies for providing an innovative idea that is the prestige of companies including the transformation of digital portfolios. Over the past two decades, technologies have revolutionized the way companies are moving their businesses toward more customer benefits and service delivery and to improve their experience in the customer levels. Day by day, the technologies are upgraded, and for these upgradations, new technologies and techniques are produced day by day like eBay,, Nykaa,, Google, Uber, Ajio, Reliance, Big Bazar, Myntra etc. They have strengthened the sales volume of their customers and the company after analysis of their datas.

According to Bazhenov, et al., 2021, the formation of different dominance in competitive nature in the services of the goods in the marketing level is aid of their brand in a standard marketing strategy. All aspects can be changed by the technology transformation, and be aware of all the customers in their truthness, loyalty etc.

Reflecting Summary:

In this research paper, the main focus is the information systems and its digitalization through the use of modern technology (Chen, C et al., 2021).  In  this research paper, the basic part of the “Class activity” about the information digitalizations, the theory of “System thinking”, practical life application of system thinking, and its positivity. Besides this, gamification, information management part and the social media marketing is also included in this research paper which is also helpful for digital transformations (Bazhenov, S et al., 2021).  All the areas of business strategies, fundamental theorem of the operating and delivering the customer’s value are integrated through the technologies and create a platform which is called the digital transformations (Iqbal, A et al., 2021). The portfolio of digitalization can gather the datasheets from electrical devices in all levels of learners for avoiding the overtiming of the working pressures. It is helpful for all levels during the learning period without effort (Bahmani. and Zhang, 2021). These are: teachers, parents, students, administrative departments, executive departments, managing levels, team managements, district level managements etc (Wimelius, H et al., 2021). All  staff are very supportive. In the above research study, System thinking plays a significant level through the procedure and instruments in the view of philosophical level. It will help to generate more information and reuse it again and again for the purposes of investigation, research level, case history, solving the chronic history etc (Wessel, L et al., 2021).  In the case of Gamification, it is always encouraged by all for using it in practical daily life.  In the part of information management, we share the information through the social media using the internet connections. For this, everyone knows the information, and gathers the knowledge, improves the skills, and is aware about the false information, hacking, and other negative attitudes. Finally, the last part of this research paper, we know about the marketing strategies through social media. For these marketing strategies, first to inform the public about this particular business, and increase the followers for sharing the information about the business. In this process, small entrepreneurs are empowered financially. From the above research study, we know how the information is spread through the use of digital platforms.


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