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Human Resource Management Assignment Sample 1
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Human Resource Management Assignment Sample 1


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Human Resource Management refers to the process in which candidates are selected and hired in order to meet the manpower needs of organisation. The manager has responsibility to recruit and select skilled and competent individuals who have the ability to attain goals and targets of firm. Various functions are associated with human resource department such as recruitment, selection, orientation, induction, health and safety, performance appraisal, training and development of workforce, etc. Human resource manager is responsible to formulate policies for firm which assists in increasing the motivation level of employees. They coordinate all the activities of company and ensure engagement of workforce in those. Managers also play an important role in maintaining a healthy and strong relationship in between employer and employees (Aswathappa, 2013). In the present assignment, three companies are given, i.e., Woodhill College, ITV and Tesco. The report contains 3 parts where first one includes recruitment and selection in which purpose of workforce planning and role of human resource manager are defined. Second part is related with performance, development and rewards of employees in which training needs and its benefits to firm as well as workforce are studied. The last part is related to employment relationship in which significance of managing employee relations is defined.


Case study: Woodhill College

Given case study is in relation with Woodhill College which tells about improvement in the process of recruitment and selection. Currently, it faces high turnover ratio of employees and there are various vacant positions in the college which are needed to be filled in a proper manner. Woodhill has recruited new human resource manager so that new staff can be recruited. College uses single approach of recruiting employees and they don't have any clear strategy to meet the anticipated needs of manpower in a proper manner.

P1. Purpose of manpower planning and role of human resource manager

Workforce planning is an important aspect for every organisation as it assists the firm in meeting their set objectives and targets. Manpower refers to an important and valuable asset of company as they highly contribute in increasing the productivity and profitability as well as leads business towards growth and success (Bloom and Van Reenen, 2011). Skilled and competent workforce ensures proper and smooth functioning of firm's operations. They assist in carrying out all the activities of business in a sequential and an appropriate manner. So, it is the responsibility of human resource manager to hire knowledgeable and skilled workforce in order to ensure smooth running of business. They need to take strategic decision related to manage personnel and resources of the firm in an effective way (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). In case of Woodhill College, they have no clear strategy regarding management of workforce need. So, the major responsibility of manager is to hire and select the best candidate, coordinate their benefits and provide them training in order to meet the needs of college. Administrator is also required to formulate suitable strategies that assist in improving the productivity and efficiency of employees. There are various roles that are performed by human resource manager in Woodhill College. Some of these are as follows:

Commitment building: The professionals of human resource department suggest various strategies in order to increase commitment of employees towards organisation. It initiates with the use of recruitment process in which individuals are matching with suitable position as per their qualification. As an individual hired, they should be committed towards their job and feel challenged by administrator throughout the year (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017).

Building capacity: Human resource management team of Woodhill College assists in creating competitive advantage which includes developing capacity of the firm so that it can provide a unique set of services to its clients. In order to develop effective human resource, various colleges compete with each other. It is not about only hiring of talented candidates but, this is a game of retaining individuals that assists them to grow and stay committed towards college for a long period of time.

Recruitment and selection: It is the major function of human resource department and its main purpose is to recruit and select skilled employees in organisation. It is a responsibility of manager to identify manpower needs of Woodhill College and develop strategic plan in order to hire the best candidates with excellent skills and knowledge within firm. The prime responsibility of human resource manager is to make decisions regarding corporate branding as it is related with recruitment and retention of talented personnel.

Employee relation: Human resource manager plays a vital role in maintaining healthy relations in between the employer and employee. They develop various strategies in order to resolve the issues that arise at workplace and to preserve employment relation. Effective steps are taken by the manager that ensures well-being of workforce. Managers provide safe and healthy workplace to employees so that chances of arising conflicts can be reduced and they will stay motivated that enables them to perform in a better way. It helps in maximizing the productivity and profitability of organisation (Choi, 2011).

Training and development: Main responsibility of human resource manager is to identify the needs of workforce and administer them with appropriate training so that they will be able to impart knowledge to students of Woodhill College in proper way. Manager designs an appropriate learning programme so that skills and knowledge of employees can be enhanced. Training and development is necessary in order to improve the productivity and performance of individuals as well as organisation.

So, it is clear for the above description that workforce planning is important for Woodhill College in order to improve their productivity and human resource manager plays a vital role in it. Manpower planning assists in having a right number of people with appropriate skills at suitable position in specified time. It also helps the manager in cutting down costs of labour. So, it is necessary for the manager to formulate an appropriate plan and develop suitable strategies that help the college in improving its productivity in an effective manner.

P2. Strengths and weaknesses of different recruitment and selection approaches

Recruitment process assists in stimulating the interest of individuals towards vacant job position and encourage them to apply for that (Cummings and Worley, 2014). It helps in gaining attraction of a large pool of candidates through various promotional tools such as print media, advertisement, etc. All these make the applicants aware about current openings. The process of selection includes selecting the suitable candidates from a large pool of talented prospect. Various stages are included in the procedure of selection such as personal interview, written and aptitude test, etc. Both the processes are considered as key elements of human resource practices as the success of organisation relies on it. Skilled and competent staff highly contributes in increasing the productivity of Woodhill College. Currently, organisation uses single approach of recruitment which limits them to choose the best candidate from a large number of applicants. So, it is required by the manager to use both methods of recruitment, i.e., internal and external. These approaches assist the human resource administrator in hiring skilled and competent personnel. These are some strengths and weaknesses of using these methods which are mentioned as below:

Internal source of recruitment: Candidates are selected from within the enterprise premises. This is done by transfer and promotion (Daley, 2012).



· Internal process of recruitment consumes less cost and time.

· It assists in increasing the morale of employees and encourage them to perform well.

· It promotes the engagement of manpower in activities of firm.

· This process assists in reducing the turnover rate of employees.

· Sometimes, it may be the reason of conflicts among employees as internal recruitment creates dissatisfaction among co-workers.

· It restricts the entry of fresh talent within the firm.

· Selected individual may not be respected by co-workers. 

External source of recruitment: Candidates are hired from outside the business premises. It can be done through direct recruitment, employment exchange etc.



· From external recruitment, firm has the opportunity to select qualified and skilled candidates from large pool of applicants.

· It assists in promoting creativity & innovation within organisation.

· It encourage fresh talent to apply for job.

· Provides competitive advantage to firm.

· External method consumes high cost and more time.

· Sometimes, existing employees may dissatisfied from the entry of new individual.

· It lower down the morale of employees and promotes unhealthy work environment.


P7 Application of HRM practices

  1. a) Job Advertisement

Woodhill College

Vacancy- Lecturer

Job Details:

Post : Lecturer in Human Resource Management

Salary Range : $16,000 - $20,000

Type : Full Time

Job No : D00165

Job Description

Purpose of the job

·To enable the students attain sound knowledge about areas of Human resource management in organizations.

·To demonstrate and administer practical experience to students about how to handle and confront human resource management issues that occurs time to time.

·To contribute in increasing the standards of education of Woodhill College.

Main roles and responsibilities

·To ensure that all the students takes interest in subject and render them with relevant information or knowledge so that they can gain higher grades.

·Engage in procedures of research and administer opportunities to the students so that they can gather knowledge.

·Improve the performance of students.

Required Skills and Qualifications

· PGDM or MBA in Human Resource Management.

· Candidate must have excellent communication skills.

·Proficient in handling Ms Excel.

Experience required

· Candidate must have at least five years of experience in the same area from renowned university.

·Possess sound knowledge in human resource aspect.

Interested candidates can drop their CV on college website “”. For more details and further queries, call on 22745098223

  1. b) Platforms for placing advertisement

An advertisement is designed and posted with the objective of getting fast response. In order to get best results, it is necessary to place it on suitable platform. Woodhill College should advertise on leading newspapers so that large number of candidates will be able to apply for the vacant post (Guest, 2011). Today, people becomes more techno savvy and use technology more. So, internet is also the best source of advertisement. For obtaining more applicants, sites are also good for Woodhill College in order to advertise about current vacant position. There are many other channels of promotion which organisation can use to effectively advertise about vacancy. c) c) c) c) Preparation of Job description and Person specification

Job description:

Job Description

Organisation Name

Woodhill College

Job Designation

Lecturer in Human Resource Manager


Pretoria, South Africa

Reporting To

Higher Authorities (Principal)

Roles and Responsibilities

· Ability to recruit knowledgeable and competent candidates. 

· Build Strong Interpersonal Communication

· Offer Soft Skill Training to students.

Working Hours

10:00am to 6:30pm


8900 Pound per month

Working Facilities

College render benefits, accommodation, compensation, flexible working hours, other facilities to its employees.

Person specification:

Name: DEF

Contact no.: 540913









High education

London school


Secondary education

London school


Personalized information

Father's name: XYZ

Mother's name: PQR


· Best Performer of month. 

· Received award in providing excellence service.



Case study: Tesco

The given case study depicts about training and development programme of Tesco which is a major reason behind continuous growth of the firm. Those individuals who are flexible and committed towards the company assists in business expansion of Tesco (Hobfoll, 2011). The enterprise emphasize on acquisition and retention of customers for the enlargement of business. Provided training helps the manpower in meeting goals and objectives of Tesco.

P3 Benefits of various human resource management practices

  1. a) Difference between training and development

Training and development of employees is necessary for increasing productivity and profitability of company. Training is provided with the objective of developing skills and knowledge of individuals which is necessary for performing job in effective manner. On the other hand, development is provided in order to develop some additional skills in employees that are beneficial for them in their career growth. Tesco use structured approach of training and development that provides them a strong base for its continuous growth. It assists in improving performance of organisation as well as its employees (Jiang and et. al., 2012). Training and development are different aspects and some differences between these are defined below:



Training provided by Tesco is a process of learning in which personnel gets opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge. 

Development refers to an education process in which employees of Tesco gets opportunity for their overall growth.

Training is a job oriented procedure as it administers job related learning to workforce that helps them in delivering their duties in effective way.

Development is a career oriented procedure as it renders some additional skills and knowledge to individuals that are beneficial for them in their personal growth. 

Training administer learning to employees of Tesco for short term as knowledge is given only to perform a particular task.

Development administer long term learning to personnel of Tesco that prepares them for future challenges.

The main objective of providing training to individuals is to enhance their performance in effective manner.

The main objective of providing development is to develop individuals for handling future challenges effectively.

  1. b) Identification of training needs and training approaches used by Tesco

Training is necessary to be provided by every organisation to its staff members so that their skills and abilities can be increased that enables them to perform their duties and responsibilities in proper way. It helps in imparting new knowledge to workforce that assists in improving their performance (Lengnick-Hall, Beck and Lengnick-Hall, 2011). Tesco provide training to its employees so that they are able to complete their task on time in effective and efficient manner. It is necessary for manager to design appropriate training programme by identifying needs and required skills of employees. For designing suitable learning event, administrator of Tesco needs to-

  • Determine existing skill level of workforce
  • Determine skill gaps by comparing actual with standard.
  • Select those skills which are beneficial for firm in terms of growth and sustainability.
  • Design appropriate training event that is effective enough to bridge the skill gap.

For this, administrator needs to prioritize requirements of training and design suitable training programme according to that. At the time of formulating training event, it is necessary for the manager to keep in view objectives of business so that effective programme can be designed. It is also necessary for the manager to take feedback from workforce about what they learn from provided training and perform skill audit (Meredith Belbin, 2011). It assists in filling these gaps.

Training needs are being determined after objectives and targets of business are set. For expanding the business of Tesco, there are two major aims behind providing training programme, i.e., to have right individual at right position in right time. It is necessary to consider business targets so that vital activities can be recognized and in order to perform these activities, various skills and competencies are required. The employees with different skills are more flexible and contributes in growth of organisation. Training helps the workforce to to perform well by using their knowledge and abilities (Payne and Isaacs, 2017).

Training methods used by Tesco:

Tesco use both types of methods of training so that performance of employees can be increased and they get the opportunity for development and growth. On the job and off the job training are administered in order to improve knowledge and skills of workforce.

On the job training: In this method, employee perform tasks in real and gain knowledge from that. The get practical experience of doing work that helps them in performing their duties well. They learn by seeing the work of their colleagues and managers and try to copy them. Mentoring, job rotation and coaching are the ways by which this kind of training can be provided. On the job training is conducted on the same work place.

Off the job training: Development of workforce is the main aim behind providing this kind of training. Conferences, business game, lecture, seminars etc. are they ways through which learning is administered to individuals. Off the job training is conducted away from the workplace and study material is provided in this training (Scullion and Collings, 2011).

  1. c) Benefits of systematic approach to training & development

Training and development highly contributes in growth and sustainability of company. It is necessary for the firm to provide training to its staff members so that they can achieve set objectives and targets of business. Systematic approach of training & development used by Tesco render a strong foundation for its constant growth. It facilitates the individuals in enhancing their knowledge and performance. Training and development helps in increasing motivation level of staff and encourage them to work in better manner. It creates potential among them to their work in more effective manner. It is conducted in order to ensure completion of work on time.

Systematic training approach supports the firm in enhancing profits and revenues of the organisation. This helps the employees to understand their roles, responsibilities and work in better way. For designing appropriate and effective training programme, it is essential for the manager to identify needs of workforce in order to administer them suitable training. It provides benefits to both employer as well as employee (Unger and et. al., 2011). This helps the company in attaining objectives in effective and efficient manner. It helps in increasing effectiveness of work and reducing cost of company by doing work properly and using resources in proper way. Training helps in providing competitive advantage to firm in market.

P4 Evaluation of effectiveness of human resource management practices

Training and development process consumes high cost and companies invest huge amount of money in providing training to their staff members so that they are able to work in better way with effectiveness and efficiency (Wright and McMahan, 2011). This helps in maximizing performance of Tesco. It also assist in business expansion of Tesco by improving performance of firm. It supports in delivering best services to consumers so that objectives can be meet effectively. It render learning that increase competency and potential of employees so that they are enable to perform their duties in effectual manner. Effective training ensures sustainability and growth of company and helps in acquisition and retention of customers. It also assist in providing competitive edge to the enterprise.


Case study: ITV

This case defines about employee relation. Various methods are used by ITV such as direct engagement with workforce, collective bargaining etc. Company use communication tools like watercooler, 60 degree update etc. in order to communicate directly with workforce. This helps the firm in increasing engagement of employees in activities of firm.

P5 Significance of maintaining good employee relation

Company's success rely on effective working of employees. They highly contributes in attaining high profits and revenues (Functions of HRM, 2017). Workers are considered as valuable asset of business concern. Thus, the main duty of organisation is to involve employees in process of decision making. Employment relation can be refer to the manner in which organization interacts with its personnel. Managing good relationship with workforce lower down the chance of issues and encourage staff morale & enhance overall productivity of workforce. ITV is maintaining strong and healthy employee relationship as they have their own intranet by which they can directly communicate with their staff. In this method, they commonly render daily update to its workers. Other tool is they supply 60 second update to individuals who were offline when organization first render online updates. They do this on cont5inuous basis which gives information to the workforce about what is occurring in the company. 

P6 Key components of employment legislation and its influence on decision making of HR

Employment equality act: It is considered in wide range of occupations and areas related to it. This involves various activities of recruitment such as equal pay, employee benefits, working conditions, health & safety, training and experience, harassment etc. This act states about the discriminations among employees. Various discriminations takes place on the basis of age, gender, religion, culture etc (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). 

Good working condition regulations: It is concerned with working environment which are affected by various aspects that includes health, safety and working hours of an organisations. Employees safety is must be required in any firm because poor working condition can damage the health so it became as law in the year of 1993. there are various organisation that applies these legislations for improving working conditions so that employees can be protected by hazards. In this involved several safety factors regarding the business as ITV also consider this in their firm. They focus on maintenance, ventilations, temperature, workstation etc.

Data Protections act: This act helps in protecting confidential information of companies. It generally concerned with personal information as it support in controlling over there that used by the various firm. In this, every person has rights and they are responsible for using data as ITV also applied these act for protecting data for hiding or securing some personal informations from the outside person. They have to follow strict rules and regulations so that they can ensure about the information. It must be fairly, lawfully and relevant or accurate data.


From the above mentioned report, it has been concluded that managing human resource is necessary for every organisation as they contribute in growth and success of the company. It helps the manpower in increasing their skills and abilities so that they are able to perform well. Various approaches of providing training is used by organisation. It is necessary for manager to maintain good relation between employer and employee. Employment legislation directly influence the performance of company.


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