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Computer Model Of The structure Assignment Sample
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Computer Model Of The structure Assignment Sample


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This problem is about designing  a large 60m square, single storey storage facility on a ‘brown-field’, city centre site in Salford.  I have analysed this building in two ways first static analysis then a dynamic analysis  the output results for both type of analysis are shown below


I have used software for 3D modeling and static and dyanamic analysis

For static analysis

3D modeling

First we have to create the model shown below

Section Specification

I have assigned W14*808 section to all truss members

Load assignment

I have assigned three type of loads to my structure

1)     Dead load

2)     Live load

3)     Wind load


Then analysis was run with no print option

Dynamic analysis

Model import

Firstly I imported my 3d model into new project file

Seismic definition

Using EC8  defined different parameters like design acceleration of 0.25g

Then seismic loads having self weight and member forces of the structure were assigned

After that response spectrum was added and analysis was runned

1)   Computer model of the structure

3D View


Section A-A

Critical members

There were no critical members identified in the structure all members were taking load perfectly


Vertical bracing


I used cross vertical bracing arrangement in my structure in first and last bay

Structure analysis output for bracing

Dynamic analysis

EC8 response spectrum for structure

Dynamic Analysis outputs

Calculated frequencies for seismic load case

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