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BIS2005 Enterprise Architecture Assignment Sample
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BIS2005 Enterprise Architecture Assignment Sample

BIS2005 Enterprise Architecture

Report 1

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Ways in which EA tool will provide Coco-Oil with a competitive edge

EA tool application within the Coco-Oil company will help them in examining the need for the changes and the impact of those changes on the operational aspects of the business. The five reasons why it will be beneficial for the organisation to increment these tools have been provided below:

Decreases complexity: Application of these tools will be helpful for the company in managing all the kinds of errors that take place within the business that reduces the efficiency of the employees (Niemi and Pekkola, 2020). It can be stated that these tools have emerged as a proper in appropriate solution to the complexity of systems that takes place within organisations. Hence, reducing the complexity of the system is one of the major factors that are addressed by the EA tools. It also helps in simplifying the system management with the help of appropriate tools along with reducing the complexities by detecting and stopping various processes that do not contribute to targets.

Standardisation: The application of this tool also helps organisation in standardizing various applications and processes which results in creating more stability to the business environment. Standardizing these processes will also result in increasing the efficiency of the employees while they will be focused on reducing the risk that the Coco-Oil may encounter in the future (Niemi and Pekkola, 2020).

Cost Saving: It also helps in eliminating various processes that do not benefit the organisation and anyway and include unnecessary repetitive processes. This ensures the organisation is being able to significantly and optimally utilise their resources and save costs (Van de Wetering, 2021).

Strong security: The application of EA tools within the business helps in making a difference by protecting several data and strengthening the cyber-security of the company. With the expansion of online platforms, there has been a significant increase in cyber security vulnerabilities. It is very crucial that the company is focused on being alert most of the time in order to prevent any kind of threat that they may enter the system and encounter it (Van de Wetering, 2021). With the application of EA, it has become easier for the companies to protect the data by adding value to the field of cyber-security.

Change analysis: Enterprise architecture tools help in providing the organisation with higher agility within the business operations. This ensures that the company is able to analyse and respond to significant changes that take place in the industry at a faster rate (Sharar, 2020). 

Cloud-based EA software

Sparx System is EA software that is responsible for maintaining and up keeping the network and services of the organisation. They are responsible for improving, overseeing and upgrading the services of the enterprise as well as the software and hardware utilised by the company. The software are designed for the purpose of helping the business in terms of collaborating and building report along with running tests in creating simulations for the purpose of managing current enterprise architecture along with any kind of future technology that might bring into the business operations (Uysal and Mergen, 2021). This will help Coco-Oil in creating visualisations, organising their data, cataloguing their assets and helping with inter-departmental communication. 

  • It helps in determining several names of the business units and processes that require a strong presentation of communication and analytical skills for the purpose of ensuring that business units have the right and appropriate tools to be successful (Zhou et al., 2020). 
  • It will also help in developing an architectural plan for the enterprise for the purpose of getting a full view of the various technologies that are implemented and should be utilised by the business along with analysing where the processes should be integrated or eliminate it within the business (Belfadel et al., 2022).
  • It will focus on improving the efficiency and reliability of the various kinds of information that is shared by the employees in the business environment along with making and optimised utilisation of the business resources to foster growth and success.
  • It also is an appropriate approach that helps in providing technology solutions along with facilitating design analysis and implementation of various Technologies and Strategies for the business operations (Zhou et al., 2020).
  • This software also helps in organising the business operations of the company along with its processes and its standardises and visualizes the structure of the company. They also provide proper assistance in technology portfolios along with assessing the risks and requirements that are necessary for the business to implement in their process management (Belfadel et al., 2022).

Standard as an architect and the roles implementation of standard will play in EA practice at Coco-Oil

Architectural standard can be defined as the standard which is created by the building Management Committee under clause 14.9 of the Strata Management Statement. It helps in setting forth the policies and procedures of the association that helps them in regulating the ability of a homeowner in the process of making architectural improvements and modifications to the separate interest of the home owner along with the common area and exclusive use of the common area (Gong and Janssen, 2021). The role implementation of standard in EA practice at Coco-Oil is:

  • It helps in the usage of an appropriate EA Framework that helps organisation in prescribing a set of views and viewpoints in order to Foster the development of the architectural set description artefact. It also helps in standardizing the development methodology of EA practice within the business environment of Coco-oil.
  • This standard helps in understanding the Holistic view of the needs of the particular enterprise so that they can well position EA in an appropriate way for recognising the common needs and identifying appropriate standards for the purpose of addressing those needs (Pattij et al., 2020). 
  • Application of standard also helps enterprise in managing and minimising the adopted Technologies that have been implemented within the business organisation in order to improve manageability of the environment along with delivering the customers with a consistent set of services (Dang and Pekkola, 2020). 

Report 2

Answer 1: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the operating model used in each unit in the Techcom organization?


It's easier for Techcom's leaders to rely on production activity to gain a better insight into the income stream if your operations are well-managed. This reliable data can be used to come up with innovative product ideas and to look for new strategies to enhance sales.

The goal of operations management is to properly manage all company assets so that their full potential can be achieved. Physical machines and the availability of labor are types of resources.

The goal of operations management is to properly manage all the company assets so that their maximum potential can always be realized. Technical machines and the availability of labor are examples of resources.


One of the greatest weaknesses would be that the efficacy of establishing operations management systems is heavily reliant on collaboration across various segments of the TechCon. Even if a decent plan is implemented, it will fail if all of the components fail to execute it properly.

Another issue with manufacturing units is that workers are inclined to make errors. The majority of the time, this issue develops when a company transitions from manufacturing to distribution. As a result, effective coordination of several sectors like operation, sales, financing, administration, construction, information systems, and human capital is vital (Dr Bateman 2017).

Answer 2: Discuss four reasons why outsourcing EA practice is NOT a good option for TechCon?

Consequences of Uncovering Confidential Corporate Data

The risk of losing secret information and confidentiality is perhaps the biggest disadvantage of outsourced company procedures. When a foreign power outsources sectors like HR and client service, critical information is typically exposed, which can be easily stolen or conveyed erroneously. Businesses take copyrights very seriously at this point to data loss and confidentiality contracts, therefore having watertight processes as well as safeguards in place should be a must when negotiating deals.

Delivery service

Comments, as well as reporting, are supplied weekly, if not daily, whenever a company function is outsourced. This may not be enough, especially if the shipment arrives late or falls short of the mark. Measures cannot be implemented as quickly because they could be if the department was run internally.

Customer Focus Is Missing

TechCon has a track record of working with a broad variety of clients and providing knowledge to multiple businesses at about the same time. Outsourced providers lose their focus and speed quickly, resulting in poor results on assigned objectives.


Outsourcing resulted in instability of work and even late deliveries. This made the reputation of TechCon down and clients did not trust the company at all. This led to huge losses which were natural (Dr Bateman 2017).

Answer 3: Discuss four types of governance committees that TechCon would implement and; discuss why it is important to implement a decision escalation path?

4 types of governance committees:

  1. Nomination and Remuneration Committee: Concerning different governance, nomination, remuneration, and performance evaluation topics, the Nomination, and Remuneration Committee analyzes, decides on, and presented to the Board. The Committee has total autonomy and is not influenced by management.
  2. Risk Management Committee: The purpose of this Panel is to aid the Board of Directors in identifying, assessing, and managing the Company's risks promptly. The Committee is responsible for supervising and approving the enterprise risk management framework, as well as handling and monitoring these risks efficiently.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG Committee: This Committee's major responsibility is to assist the Board in fulfilling its social duties by establishing, monitoring, and implementing a framework by the Company's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.
  4. Stakeholders Relationship Committee: This Panel is responsible for resolving shareholder, investor, and other security holder issues, including complaints about share transfer or conveyance, dividend non-receipt, financial statements, and other grievances brought by stockholder approval from time to time.

It’s important to implement a decision escalation path as it helps in minimizing the delays in the market which would help in maintaining better client relationships. Also, it helps in saving time and energy and makes the work easier, simpler, and much more manageable.

Answer 5: Discuss 5 reasons why implementation of Architecture Debt is very important in TechCon?

  1. Constructing a vision: An architectural debt is a great tool for examining the present state of IT and creating a long-term vision for where the organization needs to go along With it. TechCon would be able to line up people's attempts and expand the use of project experiences by agreeing on this.
  2. Cost-cutting opportunities: An architecture debt aids in the examination of an organization‘s It but the identification of areas where improvements could save money. Rather than concentrating on technology, an essential guideline would be to look for ways to optimize corporate and contract staff since, unlike many technologies, people are more expensive.
  3. Rapid IT changes: There is an expanding market for solutions that can adapt rapidly changing market needs, institutional constraints, and other factors. Having a clear picture of the impacted system's relationship to funded programs, other areas of invention, and so on can aid in change planning.
  4. More effective planning The IT shop can run independently in TechCon, with business operations acting as system users and little influence on planned system updates. Cases there have led to some dreadful consequences. A complete architecture debt can help you refocus your thinking along lines of business and put out your business activities as the primary drivers.
  5. Detailed IT system: An architecture debt aid in demonstrating the link here Between systems as well as requirements and the organization's business operations and demands. This id helps in securing funding for the resources required.

Based on the IT staff ratio model and degree of decentralization as a factor, name and discuss architects positions that would be required in Unit Foodtech?

The required architect positions in Unit Foodtech are:

  1.  Senior partner: In many cases, senior partners hold or are the primary shareholder in a firm. This position is referred to as the chairperson of a corporation or a senior partner. They are the response of all internal divisions, the stream of systems integration, and the company's budget. Senior partners are frequently extremely experienced architects who have spent many years in their chosen field, including interiors, before taking on the job of a business.
  1. Department head: A head of the department is in charge of a specific sector of a corporation, such as a building. They are in response to project objectives and sure that employees complete the department's daily tasks. They might help designers with things like assessing building or room placements and liaising with any contractual suppliers or freelancing, such as builders or furnishing merchants.

Report: Part 3

Answer 1: 5 (five) major differences between Big Data and EA

Elements of Difference

Big Data

Enterprise Architecture

Definition in addition meaning

The term Big data can be defined as the huge, difficult to administer volume of the information both organized as well as unorganized which inundate business on a daily basis.

Enterprise Architecture on the other hand is defined as a standard for proactively as well as holistically conducting the enterprise answers to unsettling forces by recognizing as well as evaluating the implementation of transformation in the direction of the anticipated business long term prospective and final result.


A frim mainly make deployment of big data within their network in order to get better the function, offer superior client amenities, creating personalised advertising campaigns as well as taking additional act which finally might augment profit and the earnings (Ln?ni?ka 2017).

However, Enterprise Architecture is accountable for the maintenance as well as preservation of a company’s Information technology network as well as amenities. Since and enterprise architect, a person will be accountable for checking, getting better as well as upgrading the enterprise amenities, programming and hardware.


Some of the basic advantages of big data are:

1. The study carried out by New Vantage and Syncsort shows that the concept of big data investigation has assisted organizations with diminishing their costs fundamentally.

2. Big data also helps in detection of frauds especially in the monetary institution. They make use of machine learning algorithm as well as AI to identify the threats.

3. Big Data investigation gives organizations more data, they might use that information to make more designated advertising efforts and exceptional, profoundly customized offers to every individual customer

Some of the basic advantages of Enterprise Architecture are:

1. Difficult frameworks which are hard to oversee might give generation to numerous mistakes as well as diminish proficiency. For example referenced previously, EA arose as an answer for the intricacy of frameworks in associations. Consequently, diminishing the intricacy of frameworks is probably the greatest assumption for an association from EA. EA diminishes frameworks' intricacy by distinguishing and halting cycles that don't add to targets.

2. Enterprise Architecture normalizes cycles as well as applications, bringing about greater dependability

3. Enterprise Architecture protects time for IT employees as it will empower its enhancement instruments and cycles (Gong 2021).


Big Data evaluation abuses standards of security. It might be utilized for manipulating the data of the clients. In addition to this, It might increment communal definition. Also, a Big information examination isn't helpful in the short run.

The main disadvantages that obstructed the technique of enterprise architecture is that the main function of the architecture is not clearly defined, and it leads to ineffective interaction.


Big data these days use in the field of medicine, horticulture, gambling as well as in ecology safeguarding.

Enterprise architecture is used in field of IT, finance and marketing (Ln?ni?ka 2021).

Answer 2: Five (5) challenges that SmartFin may have with implementation of Cloud Computing Technologies and how the challenges should be resolved

The five challenges that SmartFin might confronts by implementing Cloud Computing Technologies are described in detail below.

  1. Data Protection and confidentiality: The major challenge which SmartFin will face by executing the cloud computing technologies is related to data protection. This is identified as one of the vital worry at the time of switching to cloud computing. Although if the cloud service provider guarantee the information integrity still SmartFin will need to hire an expert who will be responsible for looking after the verification as well as agreement of the cloud computing. If cloud computing doesn’t suit the SmartFin then it can give generation to prospective losses in profits together with the goodwill and importance of the company.

Way to resolving the challenge: In order with the issue of data security and privacy SmartFin will need to conduct an influential identity verification to facilitate the tools are nor compromised. Also in order to deal with this issue SmartFin will need to hire an experienced person who has good knowledge of handling the cloud computing technology (GeeksforGeeks 2021).

  1. Performance Challenge: Execution is a significant element when considering cloud-based arrangements. In the event that the act of the cloud isn't acceptable, it can lead to loose prospective clients and reduce the advantages of the profit for SmartFins. This inertness might be a result of wasteful burden adjusting, and that implies that the server can't proficiently part the approaching traffic in order to give the best client experience.

Ways to resolve the challenge: In order to deal with the issue of performance the expert that will be hired by the SmartFin will need to test properly the cloud computing technology prior to its implementation. This will help in identifying the faults and based on that further steps can be taken to better the performance of cloud computing.

  1. Maximum reliability on network: As cloud computing usually pact with provisioning assets in the reality, it deals with huge volume of information sharing to and from the client. This usually need very high speed internet as a result it might be difficult for the SmartFin to cope up with this if the internet and bandwidth of the network is not up to the mark.

Ways to deal with the issue: In order to deal with the problem on network reliability the SmartFin will need to implement high end internet system that will work without any sort of disruptions (Turab 2013).

  1. Interoperability and Flexibility: At the point when SmartFin utilizes a particular cloud specialist co-op and needs to change to another cloud-based arrangement, it frequently goes up to be a monotonous method since applications composed for one cloud with the application stack are expected to be re-composed for the other cloud.

Ways to deal with the issue: In order to deal with the issue SmartFin will need to remove all the existing technologies which they are using in order to implement the new cloud technology and to make it smoother SmartFin will need to take extra care to execute the new cloud computing technology.

  1. Expense management: The administration of the expense is another major challenge which SmartFin will face while implementing the cloud based technology within their system. Implementing cloud based technology needs lots of additional fund to make it work properly however it’s still didn’t provide any guarantee of working properly. As a result it will be a huge risk for the SmartFin.

Ways to deal with the issue: Now in order to deal with the problem of cost management the SmartFin will need to do a lot of budgeting so that implementation and operating cost can be managed in the same time without any extra expenses (Ln?ni?ka 2019).

Answer 3: Five (5) major business benefits of cloud computing architecture that SmartFin may have over its competitors if they implement cloud computing

  1. Modern cloud computing arrangements mitigate dormancy issues and speed up in all cases, even over the long haul and regardless of whether information handling necessities increment.
  2. Cloud engineering opens additional paths for representatives to get to information and computerized instruments. Cloud-based programming is available through most programs and cell phones, flaunting responsive plan for sure.
  3. Executing cloud-based architecture assuages huge responsibility from an association's IT groups.
  4. Cloud-based computing is great for brands that have developing or fluctuating data transfer capacity requests. It permits brands to effectively increase their cloud limit by basically changing their utilization plan.
  5. When mixed with headless substance administration, cloud-based design empowers brands to embrace the IoT period all the more quickly, and at a lower cost. IoTs like cell phones and tablets(AraRafat 2020).

Answer 4: Discuss five (5) stages of ITIL framework that may be implemented in Smartfin

The five phases of the ITIK frameowkr which might be executed in SmartFIn are discussed in detail below:

  1. Service tactics: Service strategy is identified to be as the main part of the ITIL lifecycle for the amenities which SmartFin is required to implement. With an intention to have superior service administration within SmartFin they require to have a steady service tactics.
  2. Service Design: The second phase is identified as the service design. In the Service Design phase, systems created in the Service Strategy stage are transformed right into it. Administrations and cycles are planned and designs are carried out to have a superior service administration.
  3. Service Transition: The third phase of the ITIL lifecycle for administrations is Service Transition. In the Service Transition phase, administrations and cycles planned in the Service Design stage are changed to into a live climate. This stage incorporates the planning of administrations and cycles for the live ecology.
  4. Service Operation: The fourth phase of the assistance lifecycle is Service Operation. At the point when SmartFin will have changed administrations and cycles to a live climate for the utilization of the clients, the executives of these administrations and cycles are done in Service Operation lifecycle phase.
  5. Continual Service Improvement: The last phase of ITIL lifecycle for administrations is the Continual Service Improvement phase. Administrations and cycles are arranged, planned and executed in light of at first resolved targets(Lopes 2021).


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